Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Web 2.0 Blog(s)

In research for my IDT 516 final project, I ran across the following
two very worthwhile items that I thought I'd share...

This Learning Circuits website has an article by Tony Karrer titled, Understanding E-Learning 2.0 http://www.learningcircuits.org/2007/0707karrer.html

This blog is by Tony Karrer and is a very good resource for Web 2.0. http://elearningtech.blogspot.com/2006/02/what-is-elearning-20.html

Karrer is a pretty sharp dude. He even uses the word, "cruddy!" I haven't heard that used in quite some time!!!


Jim West said...

I like this article and may incorporate it into next semester's class. Thanks.

Joe Nobiling said...

I really liked the article. Wished I'd seen it earlier in the class. Definitely a keeper of a blog to keep an eye on!

drunkbusfan said...


Love the word "cruddy" its been a while, guess that dates us too. Your really doing well and I aplaud your quick choice of articles. You may possibly contact Grace Deng, who is Chinese and a faculty member in IDT department here at WIU. She may have an idea about a translation tool.


Joe Nobiling said...

Thanks, Larry.

Anne Colbert said...


You have no idea how helpful these articles have been in my research for my final project on understanding e-learning 2.0. Awesome!! Oh ya, traveling isn't fun anymore. Does your band play fiddle tunes?? I have a good friend who is really into playing the fiddle.

Colbert Report

Joe Nobiling said...


I'm glad you found those articles helpful. They definitely clarified some of my cloudiness. Karrer is definitely someone to keep tabs on.

Yes, my band(s), Fire In The Belly and Lost In The Weeds play fiddle tunes. I love playing for barn/community dances. Celtic, Traditioal American, contemporary and some original tunes.

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