Monday, November 19, 2007

Global Rubric 90% Complete

Spent a lot of time developing a global rubric today...have about 90% of it complete...maybe it is complete...I'll need to look at it tomorrow.

The Rubric (y'know I'm just gonna call it "The Rube" from now on...just so y'know.) has three main sections as suggested by Dr. West; Instructional Design, Presentation Design, and Interaction Design.

Instructional Design, which evaluates design elements such as; course structure, learning objectives, and strategies, of online course elements, has two main sections; Syllabus and Content. I've got 13 questions under each section.

Presentation Design evaluates how the course looks and how the course works. The two categories I call Looks has 8 questions and Works has 11 questions.

Interaction Design evaluates how well the course engages the learner. At present I have one category, Learner Engagment which has 14 questions.

The research and development of the Rube has turned into an interesting project. I've read a thesis by a South African on utilization of computer-based training in South Africa. It's an engaging thesis. One attitude that I've read in researching this topic is that a Rube, good instructional design, is or should be evaluated and implement changes when necessary. In today's high tech culture that's so important because of the rapidity of change.

There's undoubtedly more questions to add but what I've got is a good start. One of the resources stated that there is no magic number of questions or categories, rather you can add as you go along and make adjustments down the road. Kinda like adding a bit of seasoning or spices when cooking is better than putting too much.

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