Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Last 48 hours....

Been burnin' some midnite and daytime oil gettin' this Unit 6 assignment finished up in time for the due date. It's been a kick workin' in the group I was privileged to work in. This time our group consisted of 3 individuals, Kim A., Mariann B., and myself. It's really a challenge working in asychronous mode. Thank God and Alexander Graham Bell for telephonic communication as that helps to speed up understanding and clarifies other's thought processes and approaches. At least for me it does.

A previous group project in 510 was a little cumbersome, especially after working in a Wiki. I'd have preferred using a Wiki to setup the document and implement changes. Unfortunately that wasn't available to us. So, I went outside of the WIU environment and, as I already have a Gmail account, utilized the Google technology by setting up a group and inviting Kim and Mariann to the group so we had our space for file storage, sharing, and easy access. I thought was a pretty good solution. We wrote our documents solely in Word to facilitate the process. I've used the Google document utility but Word worked the best for the end-product as well as providing some learning ezperiences using that product.

The biggest reason I set up a Google Group for us was so I could access this project from work. My employer is very supportive of training, it's required, and imperative that we constantly seek improvement in our capabilities through whatever means available. If work is slow as it has been at times, especially this past week, my boss allows me to work on course work. Because of the stringent firewall and security that we have at work, I'm unable to access my WIU coursework at work. Needless to say, Google was a saving grace in this instance as I am able to access Gmail and Google.

The great news is the project is done, delivered, and on time. We feel pretty good about the project. It's very tight and is, I believe, a quality work. We'll see if our instructor agrees! (check back to see how we did.)

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Mariann said...

Joe, great job, thanks for the wrap up.