Monday, November 12, 2007

Rubrics & Courses to Evaluate

So far I've identified 3 rubrics:

Pisik, G. B, (1997). Is this course instructionally Sound? A guide to Evaluating Online Training Courses. Educational Technology, July-August 1997, 50-59 (ERIC #EJ547832).

I found this one digging around The Sloan Consortium website. The Pedagogy Effectiveness Index (PEI) from MIT developed by Dr. Nishikant Sonwalker
The PEI serves as an indicator of the pedagogical richness of a course.

Evaluation of Online Course (based on Principles of Online Design, which I first saw reference to in Sue McDaniel's 516 blog and as it came up in two of my database searches, I, too, decided it was a worthwhile resource.

I appreciate insight into the Pedagogy Effectiveness Index. It seems to be a rubric but the article seems to focus on a formula for determining the score of rubric, though the criteria Dr. Sonwalker utilizes seems very close to the requirements laid out by Dr. West. Maybe I need to find a better or different example. And maybe I just need to read the article a time or two again...?

As for courses to evaluate, I could evaluate the IDT 510 and IDT 516 classes but maybe that's just plain silly?

In my research I came across a course on HTML I had used years ago to learn and refine some of my HTML skills found at Maricopa Center for Learning and Instructions. It is a dated course as it hasn't been updated since 2000.

Another consideration of mine is to evaluate one of Web Monkey's tutorials out of the following three categories; Authoring, Design, or Multimedia.

Any input, words of wisdom, insights (especially from Dr. West), are appreciated.


drunkbusfan said...


I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures, designs and tidbits of information in your blog. I see you seem to really be into this blog thing. I like it as well, and only wish I had the time to put as much into it as you. Your hard work and interest is showing.


Mariann said...

Joe, what is the landscape with the rocks? Looks like plots of land somewhere in the universe.

Joe Nobiling said...

Thanks, Larry.

Definitely a lot of fun!

My son and daughters are all grown and out of the home, on their things are quiet around here and I stay up a bit later than I should.

Think I'm gonna do a blog for Fire In The Belly...sent the other members a link but they've not responded to it yet. Not into the tech stuff as much as those of us in this class and others I know, I s'pose.

Joe Nobiling said...

the landscape with the rocks?

Not too sure what part of the world it comes from, Mariann.

Could be Ireland or the mideast. Reminds me of Ireland a bit more though I've never been to either locale. The photo I found on Used it in some side work.