Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This started with an email...

...from NextDraft by January 4, 2012 where in item no. 2 Time to Get Up and Go to iPad for post he addresses the tendency by educational institutions in many states resist the use of technology in learning environments and "the use of more tech in the classroom will be a hot national issue in 2012." In this brief he provides a link to the New York Times collection of articles on technology in the classroom. One particular article, We Live in a Mobile world, by Will Richardson caught my mind in the last paragraph where he says, "Access in our kids’ pockets will force us to rethink much of what we do in schools. For one thing, we have to stop asking questions in classrooms that students can now answer with their phones (state capitals anyone?) and instead ask questions that require more than just a connection to answer -- questions that call upon them to employ synthesis and critical thinking and creativity, not just memorization. Anything less is not preparing them for the information rich world that we live in." Employing synthesis and critical thinking and creativity over memorization is definitely a, if not THE, direction to go in education.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012 - Banjo Pickin'

I rec'd an email from Patrick Costello today. It'd been some time since I'd heard from this musician. I spent some time on his site, especially the Clawhammer vs. Frailing seciton. He and his dad definitely have a lot of the right attitude. I encourage anyone interested in learning to play the banjo to check him out. Here's a video from his site to get a feel for his great attitude.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1942 Woody Guthrie New Year's Resolution list

Over the years I've eschewed making resolution lists as I've come to believe taking one day, hour, minute, second, or moment at a time as all we have is the moment we're in. But this list of Woody Guthrie's New Year Resolutions for 1942 published in today shows an easy, fun list that pretty well covers all the bases. Creating a list of resolutions can be a good thing if one considers them objectives or goals to accomplish, which, I guess that's what they really are. With that in mind my list would include;
  1. Continue learning and improving my graphic design skills
  2. Improve my fingerstyle guitar skills
  3. Continue believing "I can"
  4. Savor every moment
  5. Love all family members equally
  6. Improve my fiddling skills
  7. Be respectful of others
  8. Complete one drawing or painting a month
  9. Compose an original song or fiddle tune once a month
  10. Continue reducing credit card debt
  11. Increase daily exercise
  12. Eat better by cooking at home more.
All worthwhile challenges for me, I believe.

New Year's Day 2012

Shona McMillan posted this little video of her imagery and poetry yesterday. A great little piece where one gets to hear her voice as well as see her photos and here her poetry.

Happy New Year to all for 2012!