Sunday, November 4, 2007

Evaluating Elearning: Google Database Results

My most recent search (evaluating elearning, database) on Google has yielded some worthwhile results that after a quick scan seem to provide some good material.

Here's what I chose as the most relevant articles and/or websites:

  • From the University of Melbourne, Australia, Information Services: Learning & teaching support for staff, Evaluating e-learning environments webpage

  • a thesis paper in PDF format by a Chinese student, Chun-Chia Lee, written in 2003. This document may not be worthwhile unless I can find an English translation as Acrobat had to download "Traditional Chinese Character Font" in order for anything to appear in this 89 page document. Does anyone know if Acrobat can translate a foreign language document into English or if there are any plugins for Acrobat that will do that?

  • A paper entitled, Evaluating e-Learning Resources, by Paul Riddy and Karen Fill University of Southampton delivered at Networked Learning Conference 2004

  • A website with a downloadable Powerpoint file, Planning and Evaluating e-Learning Practice by Sarah Knight and Ros Smith, JISC e-Learning Programme, presented at the Post-16 e-learning conference 2005 in the United Kingdom.

  • A Powerpoint presentation titled, Planning and Evaluating Effective Practice with e-Learning, prepared by S. F. Hearning and G. Jones in 2005.

  • and this website article,

    There appears to be quite a bit here plus some of the articles lead to other resources, a few of which are listed below.

    One of the resources that looks to be worthwhile is Flashlight Program from the University of Melbourne site, the second one in the list above.

    This article, Pisik, G. B, (1997). Is this course instructionally Sound? A guide to Evaluating Online Training Courses. Educational Technology, July-August 1997, 50-59 (ERIC #EJ547832), looks to have value but have to access through ERIC.

    An offshoot of the last article in the above list yielded this intriguing article, which addresses Web 2.0 elearning and shows a comparison of 3 generations of elearning.
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    Jim West said...

    Great resources to work with. You are well on your way. Thanks for sharing the supporting info as well.