Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News and Help from Sue, Spreadin' The River Radio and Future House USA Gospel!

Two things:

1. On the IDT 516 Web 2.0 final project front, Sue McDaniel provided me with a couple of classes to evaluate with my rubric. (God bless you, Sue!) It's very gracious of the instructors of these classes to allow me to apply my rubric to their courses. Thank you. I hope this is okay with Dr. West.

2. A friend of mine, Lewis Demetri, I've known since we were 5 years old has an internet radio station up that some of you might enjoy. It's called The River Radio and is all original music composed by Lewis Demetri and friends. Lew's a tremendously talented musician and songwriter who plays keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, and sings. He's also a gifted recording engineer.

One of Lew's recent forays as a human being has been to become embroiled in alternative energy and alternative energy in building (commercial and residential) design. He's heavily involved in a project called Future House USA. Below's a video from YouTube about Future House at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. This video features featuring George Bialecki Jr., founder/director of Alternative Energy Living Foundation and President of Alternative Energy Builders, Inc.


Molly K said...

I really enjoy all of the extra features you have added to your blog, very creative! I enjoyed looking at some of your additional links, the pictures, and the Youtube that you have added! Your blog is not only useful for your final project, but it seems to have extra tips and ideas for everyone in the class to enjoy! Keep up the good work :)..

Jim West said...

The best part of this class is when everyone gets involved in sharing ideas and helping each other out.

Joe Nobiling said...

Thanks, both of you. I'm glad you enjoy what I've put up, Molly. I'm really charged about this class and all that I've been able to experience! It's also a great deal of fun learnin' to put in the various elements. This whole 516 and 510 class experience is very exhilarating!

Online said...

You're very welcome, Joe. Glad to be able to help out!