Friday, November 9, 2007

Too Much Fun!

Annie Colbert asked me if my band played fiddle tunes...since I discovered how to customize my blog with images and such, I've added a few things such as individual pics of Fire In The Belly playing at a St. Paddy's Day gig in 2006. The pics were shot by my daughter, Heather, who's got a pretty good eye for interesting composition. Hopefully, this is not just a proud dad comment but those that see the pics think so, too. I've also changed the Blogger header and placed an image in the background of the Blog title.

It's funny as I tried to do a blog a few months back but I just couldn't work out. I had too broad a focus where now the focus is on journaling about the IDT 516 final project which seems to have made things click. Even though I'm tending to go down some 'rabbit trails.' It sure doesn't mean my mind isn't working on things. A lot of the time I have to involve myself in other seemingly out of the way or off the track things to give my mind time to work on stuff or solve a problem in the background. Stuff that's related to the actual task. Hopefully, I'm not too cryptic on this verbal meandering.

I totally forgot why I was putting this post up, the second one on the same day! It's to see if I understand how Dr. James West got his IDT 516 Blogs to show up with the latest posts showing. I think it's because he posted the blogs through the Blog Search under the Search menu. I burned through putting all the class blogs on a module in Netvibes using the web page under the External Widgets menu. Dr. West's is definitely the more preferable of the two as his list of the IDT 516 Blogs shows the new postings as they happen. Thanks, Dr. West, for being actively engaged in this class like you are!

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