Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolutions So Far

Looked over a past post about Woody Guthrie's resolutions for 1942 where I had listed my resolutions for this year and I'm happy to see that I am making progress. It's a bit of an ambitious list but so far I've got the following six resolutions off to a good start: 1. Continue learning and improving my graphic design skills 2. Improve my fingerstyle guitar skills 6. Improve my fiddling skills 10. Continue reducing credit card debt 11. Increase daily exercise 12. Eat better by cooking at home more. I think the two following resolutions are off to a good start but I don't always seem cognizant of them: 4. Savor every moment 5. Love all family members equally These two are a challenging. Self-esteem issues often find me in difficulty with this one: 3. Continue believing "I can" and I think I'm doing okay with this one but some days I'm not sure: 7. Be respectful of others A month has gone by and I've not gotten either of these started: 8. Complete one drawing or painting a month 9. Compose an original song or fiddle tune once a month Off to a pretty good start all in all. Now to keep it up.

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Twitch said...

Very ambitious and an insightful glimpse into the mind/heart of Joe Nobiling! I hope you continue to do well. Here's one to help: sliced cucumber, thin stick-sliced pineapple, mince mint leaves. Mix. More juices next day. A healthy, cool compliment to a spicy dish.