Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color Poems Art Installation - Josh Nobiling

Josh shared these pics of his Color Poems art show opening at the New Wilmington Art Association this past Friday (February 3).

Josh installing his work.

One wall done and another wall started.

A straight on photo of part of one wall.

This show is interactive in nature. Crayons were provided and attendees were encouraged to color on the art on the wall as well as the smaller prints (screen prints Josh prepared) on the table. I believe attendees may have been able to take the small ones they colored home with them.

Can't forget the treats! Cookies Josh and Brandye baked for the event.

Josh chattin' it up with an attendee.


Twitch said...

Nice work! Excellent idea for interactive aspect. Joe, did you participate & were you allowed to take one home? (:

Joe Nobiling said...

Unfortunately, Kath and I couldn't make it to this show. Kath dearly wanted to attend but Delaware is an 18 hour drive and the timing wasn't right.