Wednesday, February 1, 2012


While perusing the latest issue of Stampington's Artful Blogging at a local Barnes & Noble, I was drawn to several articles and several ideas permeated throughout. One idea is to keep at it if for no other reason than the fact that as individual, each of us has something unique to contribute and say. Another idea is not to let other blogs that one might read interfere with one's blogging. Some artists also call this turning off the inner critic. Also, practice is imperative in improving and growing as an artist. The practice and improvement as a result of practice helps one to find one's voice and focus. The other thoughts that come to my mind that focus, as dreams, change over time. And, that's perfectly fine as change is a characteristic of life. A clever or wise saying I read the other day along these lines comes to mind while writing this. That saying goes "Remember two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday." Hmmm... Sounds like a good reason to stay, live in, and savor the present. With all the above in mind, I'll try (yet, again) to continue blogging. Striving to blog on a more consistent (daily?) habit. Or, perhaps with daily blogging being the goal. But, most of all blog!

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