Friday, February 3, 2012

Disc Golf

This past summer and fall I and Kathy started playing disc golf. She and I both needing exercise found this to be a wonderful past time. The sport gets us outdoors and the body moving as well challenges our focus and concentration. It's relaxing time that can get anywhere from a 4 to 6 mile walk in with physical body motion bending and throwing the disc down a fairway to the basket. The winter has been so mild around here that Spring can't come 'round soon enough! The disc itch is getting strong. It was so nice around Christmas time that I was able to introduce our son and two of our grandsons to the game. One grandson is seven and it was a bit challenging for him. In time I believe he'll pick up on it. His older brother (who's 14) is very charged up about and ready to play at most any time. The other day a new Disc Golf video upload announcement showed up in my email. It provides 5 tips on taking 5 strokes off your game.

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