Saturday, July 7, 2012

Almost Two Months...

...since my last post.

Sheeesh. I feel like I should be ashamed but I don't. It's been a busy time at work, at play, at gardening, at outdoors, playing disc golf, playing music.

There have been some really excellent moments musically as of late.

Last night myself, Pat Oliver, Howard Hilliard, Pat Walke, and Joyce Spidle joined together to play for a contradance at a local Unitarian Church. It WAS GREATTTT!!!! Julie Ross posted this pic of the band and the dancing on Facebook.

A week ago, Kath and I were invited to a friends' 40th Wedding Anniversary. They perform music together as well as performed in their backyard for their anniversary with invited musician friends. It was a HOOT!!! A great deal of fun making music with other musicians!!!

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