Friday, May 11, 2012

About two weeks ago, April 27, 2012, I caught a Bill Moyers show, "Big Money, Big Media, Big Trouble." There was an interview with Marty Kaplan, Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media and Society at the University of Southern California. It resonated strongly in my brain, as a lot of Moyers' work does, making a great deal of sense to me. I've embedded the video below. The last part of the show is a Moyers' essay on McCarthyism and Representative Allen West (R-FL). It's a 50+ minute video and may play best if you allow it to load before playing or view it at

Then today, I rec'd an email from NextDraft with an NPR article titled, Partisan Psychology: Why Do People Choose Political Loyalties Over Facts. An interesting phenomena that's probably been going on throughout human history but it's good to hear or see such topics as this being presented and discussed. The online version of the article can be found here and the audio version from NPR is embedded below.

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