Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catchin' My Breath and Gettin' Back to "Normal"

Forgotten how much playing music outdoors takes out of a person. Last Saturday's gig outside of Shenanigan's was great craic with a strong wind at our backs to boot!!!

Here's a pic of the 2012 St. Pat's Day version of Paddy O'Furniture...(left to right: Heather, myself, Rob McDorman, Chris Dunn, and Chris Benner)

I crashed Kristin and Matt Anderson's gig at Mac's Tavern while Paddy O'Furniture was on break. It's always fun to fiddle with a former fiddle student! Should turn into a fine duo. Nothing tighter than siblings. Now to get their other brother playing music with them!!!

Back to reality of the work world and my quest for good music to hear, learn, and play! Curiously enough I keep comin' back to Hot Tuna! And, why not? To find fellow musicians that can put music together and out like they do for as long as they have is a true joy to emulate, strive for, and accomplish! Here's a YouTube from Minnesota Public Radio of Hesitation Blues. Perhaps you readers will agree.

What better way to end a Sunday morning blog post than with a Good News (Gospel) tune? Hot Tuna from Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning show of August 3, 2009

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