Friday, November 2, 2012

Small Stones

Yesterday was Writing Our Way Home's Mindful Writing Day.

This was an online event that encouraged individuals to write "Small Stones" or short observations on any aspect of life they chose. A fun exercise that jump started writing for me. It's a delightful little practice that I hope to continue. The couple that started Writing Our Way Home have several digital presences as you can see by opening any of the links on this posts.

My Small Stone submission for the event was the following: Summer's fire burns the leaves blood red until Fall's cool simmers the fire to golds, golden browns, umbers and ambers exciting the senses and causing yearning for Spring in my heart and soul.

The next challenge posted by Writing Our Way Home is to "notice something properly every day during January" and write it down in a journal or one can start a journal or practice daily writing now with any sort of book, notebook, journal dedicated to the practice. I've been wanting to start a creative journal and this looks to be a promising practice to develop and get me going on just such a daily habit. I write a "small stone" every day and fill the blankness with doodles, collages, color, or anything that appeals to me or relates to the words written. I've got several a journal or sketchbook to put down the words and will get started with that project.

Many thanks to Marty Reger for "inviting" me to the Mindful Writing Day.

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