Friday, December 30, 2011

Maria Popova and Brainpickings.oth

I was reading an interview in Mother Jones today with Maria Popova and her blog which really intrigued me. It answered some questions I had about this whole blogging experience. Mainly what it answered was that whether or not I should blog about one topic or many. As I read the interview the thought came to mind that I shouldn't be so concerned about having a tight focus to my blog as life is too complex and too varied to tightly focus. Maria talks about curatorial journalism and, to put it into my terms, it's a form of journalism that journals interesting subjects, articles, etc., into one space. It seems to me to be a very individual and, perhaps, best approach towards this blog of mine as I find many different and diverse subjects and things interesting. One such subject is book art and a short PBS vid on book art, Off Book, was one of's articles.

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