Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Few Things to Share

Found this set of video interviews on DevSource. There's 18 interviews with a variety of leaders in internet development. I've watched Episodes 1, 13, 14, & 16. Episodes 1 & 16 are related to usability, interviewing Dr. Jakob Nielsen and Steve Krug, who wrote "Don't Make Me Think." Episode 13 interviews the guy, forgot his name, who started Episode 14 interviews Celik who started Technorati and worked at Microsoft on the Mac version of IE5. Definitely worth the watch. They run about 20 minutes each.

Also, read an interesting interview with Khoi Vinh Design Director of the New York Times the other day.

Sessions also had a pretty good article on
Staying User-Centric in the Maze of Web 2.0

The University of Georgia has a Forum for Instructional Design. They accept papers on Instructional Design.

Here's an eWeek 10 Things You Should Know About Corporate Blogging slideshow. My blog's broken a couple of the rules stated here...oh well.

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rules are made to be broken, pop... no worries!